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Gardening advices for attracting Native and european bees !

Don’t use pesticides. Most pesticides are not

selective. By using pesticides, one risks killing off

the beneficial insects along with the pests. If you

must use a pesticide, start with the least toxic one

and follow the label instructions to the letter.

Use local native plants. Many native plants

are very attractive to honeybees. They are also

usually well adapted to your growing conditions

and can thrive with minimum attention. In

gardens, heirloom varieties of herbs and

perennials should be used. Single-flower varieties

may also provide good foraging.

Use a range of colours. Bees have good

colour vision to help them find flowers and the nectar they offer !

Colours that are attractive to bees are blue, purple, violet,

white and yellow.

Plant flowers in clumps. Flowers clustered

into clumps of one species will attract more

pollinators than individual plants scattered

through the habitat patch. Where space allows,

make the clumps 1 m or more in diameter.

Include flowers of different shapes.

Open or cup-shaped flowers provide the easiest

access and shorter floral tubes are important for

honeybees. Other pollinators, including native

bees, butterflies and birds, benefit from differing

flower shapes.

Have a diversity of plants, flowering all

season. A varied diet is essential for the well-

being of honeybees and other pollinators.

Plant where bees will visit. Bees favour sunny

spots over shade and need some shelter from

strong winds. Bees need access

to water. Provide easy access, either through wet

sand or pebbles; do not drown the bees.

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