The Subject Of Bee your own boss is quite scary and not knowing how to do it and where to go is, even more, scarier, when you have not the right support, and feel like there is a lot of competition around.  Or maybe you already have a business but this one is not succeeding!


I am here to help, with a background of 17 years of being running my own business, as a professional Photographe for 9 years prior to becoming Mademoiselle Bee.

I have learned the trick of the Beekeeping business! and I am happy to share all details and tricks in regards to how to run a successful bee business without feeling overwhelmed! or even not having the imposter syndrome.


This Seminar will run over a full day of learning at the Pocket City Farm in Sydney, you can also opt-in for the Online Live option if you are not living in Australia, or just want to tune in at a discounted price.  from 9.30am to 3pm ( food included)

And followed by the  OPTIONAL day after with group activities at Bondi clay junction! In the afternoon ( food included)



Bee your own boss works in beekeeping business but also any type of agricultural business, gardening and others. These topics, along side of how to get started will be covered: 


-Get your niche right: How to find out where your talents lay and how to gain money easy from it. Real tools from experiences.

-Social media use: How to use it in your favour, where, when, and why is it important.

-Celebrities uses: How to use it in your favour, where, when, and why is it important.

-Knowing your clients: The importance of understanding your clients and followers.

-Have a positive mind: So you can have a positive impact. how to change your mind set

-Competition Does not exist! Why you should feel like you have none, why is important to work with everyone in your field!

-How to stay Authentic in your way of working.

-How to get over the imposter syndrome: 3 words technique  

-Make a steady income and never look back. 



Bee your own Boss Seminar LIVE OR in person SYDNEY 7th of Ausgust 2021

  • PAYMENT plan:

    deposit non-refundable, when starting a payment plan, you will need to pay everything before the due date. 


     only available if done 48hours prior to event day. refund only available for 50% a week before, and only 25% 48hours before after 48 hours non refundable.