PACK OF 4 handmade hand-dipped 100% beeswax candles. 


Beeswax is from my beehives, in Adelaide. 

Each candle weighs about 65 grams and will burn for 12 hours. For optimal burning, burn the candle out of any drafts and trim the wick to 6 mm every 3 hours.

These are my favorite candle to make and burn, no molds or special equipment or additives, just the dipping frame, a 30 kg pot of melted beeswax, and lots of time. Each candle gets dipped about 45 times. More frequent dips at higher temperatures produce a smoother candle as the layers are built up slowly.
The candles burn beautifully with a yellow glow and are all but drip-less if burned out of any breeze and the wick trimmed every 4 hrs to a length of 6 mm
The wicks are 100% cotton and lead-free.

We have not added any dyes or scents to the wax



HAND DIP ARTISANAL beeswax candles

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