Why a woman will always need another woman? Sisterhood is something magical that a bee colony will teach us always and forever. We'll have a room, and. Purpose in this world. And our job is always ever-changing. We are strong enough when we all stand together, as we need to create more super organisms in this world, we can all stand breathing in and out as a all. Let's seat circle is a space for self-reflection and rest, free of judgment. And let's cultivate our love for ourselves and for our sister and brothers with the help of The bees! 2 days retreat held in Sydney, from Saturday 7th of August! -energy clearing reiki -laughing yoga -bee meditation -exploring our body like a bee -cacao & honey ceremony -regenerative grounding. -fly like a bee spell -open your senses to love -beeswax candle making with intentions -resin crystals bee and necklace making More details. Coming soon Good and beverage provided, no accommodation provided, but can Be arranged at extra cost.


SYDNEY, women bee wellness retreat