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Adoption/hosting a Beehive

SO ... You are interested in having a beehive in your Backyard? And you also live in Adelaide and Suburbs area ? 

Well then read below we have two options available for you:

You either want to  Have bees pollinating your garden 12 months a years 24/7 . But you do not want to look after the hive ? still getting a little bit of the gold reward ?

Then we would advise you then to apply for the Sponsorship program.


You want to learn slowly with Mademoiselle Bee's knowledges, Share the honey with The bees and Mademoiselle Bee, Enjoy the pollination too. And when ever you are ready to Keep Bees on your own buy off the hive !

Then we would advise you to apply for the Adoption program. 

All installations, maintenance and harvests will be done by Mademoiselle Bee. 

 Suitable applicants will be contacted as soon As the a beehive and decision has been made. Beekeeping takes a lot of knowledge, time and money. We want to make its benefits accessible to the community on every level. But also not Wanting the bees to be taken for Granted.  The annual fee is determined by your location. It helps to offset the cost of gas and the time spent maintaining the hive. 

Success! Message received.

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