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Horticultural Therapist Vanessa is now ready to open her apitherapy sessions for anyone who needs connection back with themselves through the help of nature.

We all know the bees are genius Chemists, and many products from the hive can definitely help with many medical conditions, mental and physical.

With a degree in horticultural therapy and psychosocial mental health therapy, Vanessa wants to be able to offer you an alternative to the "seat down and chat" type of therapy.


The session will concentrate on your own personal health. And we will be initiating therapy with bees that will help you gradually to feel better.

The truth is that you need to trust yourself and the power of the bees, Have faith in the process but also be regular in the sessions or even the product offered as a result of a prescribed product of mine. I will so do the hive will guide you through the healing process you are seeking b

With my guidance, I will be there to direct you to get back to the healthier you!


Being neurodivergeant myself i can claim Bees have helped my mental health and physical health so much, after being diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, and Meniere disease I have found a better natural way to keep my flares away! Connect and concentrate babetyer and regulate better my AUDHD.


Booking is a must, contact me to make an enquiry to see what could help.



Much love to you all!

Claimed via NDIS




My services are not a substitute for professional medical services. always seek advice from your specialist in case of emergency.


Kind regards


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